i just got interviewed on the phone by a local bilingual portal (english+mandarin)! you can read the original article (written in mandarin only) here. and since my mandarin has been degraded to new standards of shame, i could hardly read the article without having to decipher “holes” in the text. so thanks to google, i translated my article and this is the hilarious result that i thought i’d share!

In the young painter Chen Si Ni (Nataliette, 23 years), painting, the female lead who everybody looks sweet, but a closer look, they are not cut off fingers or neck is the lower body into a Baizhan Ji, or ham, giving visual shock*.

Dempsey House, held at the personal exhibition, Chen Si Ni of the pieces of works, in order to distort the female body painting to represent the people and food relationships.

The exhibition, called Food & Obsession of the month, is the first solo Chen Si Ni. The show’s theme revolves around a symbol of food and people’s obsession with food. Mainly with food, hoping to reflect the impact of food on people’s lives.

Chen Si Ni frankly some people might find the performance of her approach is very bloody, but she is only trying to present their own personal aesthetic. In addition, she said he’s “painting has a double meaning” I hope the exhibition can view a deeper experience.

She cited one of them called the “Leg o ‘Ham” paintings, for example, explained that the painting is to reflect the status of the local arts community. As the locals are not keen on art activities, artists, faced with problem of livelihood. Eating ham on the picturesque in the lower body, like a woman, local artists also rely on “eat their own” to survive**.

Another picture “Austerity” is a reflection of her own. Paintings of girls being chained in a chair, her earlier because of credit card overspending***, but must learn to self-reflection.

Had a habit of painting, Chen Si Ni Tu Tu**** is very fortunate that when she graduated from Junior College, after the parents asked to be Nanyang Arts Academy, it did not meet with their opposition. The recent exhibition, Chen Si Ni’s mother, also bring along their aunts to visit.

She says, she has been the academic performance are good, a child also had been on course to become a doctor, but when the hospital was at first decided to move the road of the development of the arts, so gave up college*****.

Although in recent years, the local art scene gradually expand and develop, but Chen Si Ni that “compared with other countries, the progress of the local arts community is still far behind.” The main reason most do not appreciate the local arts and culture, people do not regard it as an art is an integral part of life.

To improve local people’s lack of interest in the arts of Chen Si Ni think first of all to make the arts more easy to understand. She herself does not like abstract art, so her paintings are simple and clear as far as possible the main, so that everyone is easy to understand that she wanted the painting to express the mood.

In addition to painting, Chen Si Ni usually also carried out a number of web pages and graphic design work.

* Details of the exhibition: Food & Obession
Date: October 9 until
Location: House, 8D Dempsey Road Singapore 248672
Admission is free

i love it!
my favourite interview ever! ahhahhaha.

disclaimer: the original mandarin version (or what i can read of it) is very sane and grammatically logical, but google totally fucked it up completely while translating and the english output totally made my day.

(thanks sie yen of OMY for your patience in hearing me go on & on & on about my work over the phone!)

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* the best 3-word combination ever.
** google mistook my words to mean artist cannibalism. what i actually meant was that the arts scene here is hypocritically self-sustaining. most of the time, only artists go to art events, only artists buy artwork. and usually the common people doesnt even know art is going on! wtf right.
*** lol i never had and still dont have a credit card. its basically just overspending, thats all.
**** where the fuck did this ‘tu tu’ come from? lol
***** BEST. TRANSLATION. FUCK-UP. EVER. wtf?? lol i was trying to say that i gave up dreaming of medical school (=hospital in mandarin?) to pursue arts.

the last few paragraphs are disappointingly normal/accurate.