“Seeing is Believing” Charity Art Auction

last friday: i skipped the usual bar activity, put on my treacherous heels and went to attend a cocktail party / art exhibition / silent auction / charity affair.

“Seeing is Believing”, presented by Standard Chartered and organized by SCYA, is a charity art rendezvous held at the esteemed Asian Civilisations Museum in a commendable effort to support the blind.

Seeing is Believing – The Obscurantist (SOLD) | photo © ClogTwo!

I SOLD “THE OBSCURANTIST”!!! thank you Mr. Justin Boyd for buying my art!!!

Seeing is Believing – Only Eye Left | photo © ClogTwo!

for more photos of the event (by far the most grand exhibition ive participated in, brushed shoulders with waaaay too many lawyers and bankers) go here: ClogTwo’s comprehensive post about the exhibition.

special thanks to Jacklyn of SCYA for roping me in, and hello Billy and Isk. i had a great time and perhaps one too many wines. happy times. thanks yall.