Noise 2010 × Youth Olympic Games showcase

recently i was commissioned to illustrate a 6×2.4m glass panel which houses one of the many showcases that NOISE 2010(a local annual art/design/music festival) has held to commemorate the very first Youth Olympic Games (hosted by the city of yours truly). i feel like i should say something about the YOG but in all honesty i havent followed any bit of it except caught a glimpse of the girls weightlifting section. man, those girls are motherf*cking scary, i say!

anyanyanyways. heeeeeres the artwork!

commissioned illustration for NOISE SINGAPORE 2010. by Nataliette, 2010.
commissioned illustration for NOISE SINGAPORE 2010. by Nataliette, 2010.

in case you’re wondering how come im drawing some random hippies… nope! everyone in the artwork exists! it is actually a collage of portraits of my lover, my friends and i. obviously i’m narcissistic so i made myself the Queen Bee and upsized my avatar in relation to the rest. uh. somehow after the movie that james cameron made, i feel like i cant use avatar without conjuring up images of blue folk. hmmm.

and heeeeeres the glass panel!

Nataliette illustrated a glass panel for NOISE2010×YOG showcase
Nataliette's glass panel illustration for NOISE2010×YOG showcase.

my glass panel is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and the showcase is rather short — only from August 18th to 23rd, 11am to 10pm. if you’re in the area or catching a flight, go take a looksee! if you snap some pics, do share them with me, i’d be mighty stoked.