Nixon Art Mosh 2010

hihihihi so this was where i was over the weekend~

Nixon Art Mosh video overview

i was captured quite a few times in it, heheh. click to see how amazing the space and artworks are (and also gape at the beautiful singapore skyline!)

Nixon Art Mosh 2010

The Nixon Art Mosh is a global, rotating art installation featuring artwork from Nixon team riders, friends and family and is open for one night only. Previous Art Mosh stops have included installations in Paris, Vancouver, New York City, San Diego, London and Dublin. Singapore marks the first stop of The Art Mosh in South East Asia and will be followed up later in the month with a stopover in New York City on Friday, September 17.
Featured artists for The Art Mosh, Singapore will include works by: Craig Wetherby (USA), Nick Denambride (USA), Adeline Tan, Adrian Chan, Andy Yang, Brick, CK, Debra Raymond, Jamie Paul, Gerson Gilrandy, Paul Tan, pixelmunky, Mr.B, Harrison Love, Isabel Lofgren, Ivonne Adel- Bureos, Izzy As’ari, Kenny Chua, Kristal Melson, Mindflyer, Mojoko, Nataliette, Nazneen Aziz, Oats & Sparkle, Rick Treweek, Eeshaun, Race Krehel, Shawn Lim, Sheryo, Soh Jun Hao, Speak Cryptic, vectorsum, Winnie Goh, Zahir Sanosi and zxerokool.

i exhibited these 6 reworked old pieces:

16×24 inch fine art prints on watercolour paper, with or without framing. please contact me for purchasing options!