InHerShoes 2012: Charity Art Exhibition

i was invited to participate in InHerShoes 2012, a charity art exhibition which is a fundraiser
event that supports cancer research. All proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

In conjunction with InHerShoes, a handful of chosen artists will be showcasing their works at an exhibition at the Arts House. Each participating artist will interpret through his or her work what living with cancer is like to him or her as each and every individual is likely to have had relatable experiences with cancer. Artworks from the exhibition will be on sale and the artists have pledged to donate part of the proceeds of the sale of any works to the Cancer Research Foundation.

Panorama of InHerShoes 2012 charity exhibition at The Arts House, Singapore.

i decided to use my 2010 piece “Seedling” as my contribution.

“Seedling”, 16×24 inches digital print on canvas

Everything struggles to live. A tree grows from the darkness of the earth from nothing but sun and water. Its roots are so strong that they can break through concrete and hold its towering mass against torrential rain, strong wind, and massive impacts. As one saying goes, “the strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell”. So with this strength an angel emerges, a symbol of nirvana from the survival through this hardship.