Food & Obsession: my solo show

the wall decal on the Garbo wall, designed by me… rabbit silhouette not included.

the first room, glass paneled goodness!

the kubrick room

the last room (i think the Catarina room? …not sure) with the quirky white shelves and the deep maroon wall

my beautiful friends who all came♥ (omg i know a lot more of you are not represented here but thats all the photos i got! send me more!)

and my very awkward speech in which i was referencing my phone all the time because my memory failed me utterly. UNCOOL.

photos stolen from mah homie HQ ZAI. thankyouuu sexy♥
for more pictures from Culturepush: go here.
my friend TJ also did some videos, check em out here!

♥ ♥ ♥

a LOT of people came (lovelovelove!) and i was pretty overwhelmed (only went to the toilet 4h later omg) and still i only got a chance to speak to a few of you only (sadly!). even twitter friends and old schoolmates whom i’ve lost touch with came! awww, guys! anyway if i missed you, SORRY and feel free to poke me on facebook ok! sniff.

uh i know i thanked these people many times already but REALLY i cant thank them enough for their help/advice/guidance/patience with me: SCYAHouse@dempseyQ’s print! and DAVE (my love, my backbone, my eternal sunshine) and Stephylicious (my besty, my social whore, my patient counsel). my sister (one of the pieces was dedicated to her!), my mama and my aunt for gracing my event with their presence! and EVERYONE WHO CAME and/or bought my art♥. also to the lovely crew from YOUTH.SG for the interview/listening to me ramble on lamely… and kim+claire! thanks for the beautiful bouquet of flowers! you girls are the sweetest.

ya’ll made me a very happy girl on friday, and i really hope you enjoyed the show!

by the way, if you missed the opening, dont fret! the show will be up for a month till october 9th, so pop by 8D Dempsey Road and take a peek!

ps. i am scheduled to do a live thingy on air with 93.8fm on wednesday 10.30-11am… so tune in to hear my awful nasal voice! (as my besty stephy would so fondly imitate me by speaking while pinching her nose HAHAH sssslut) so nervous.