Listen to the Bull

a little while ago, i got mighty pissy about a little something, so i vented it out by making art.

Listen to the Bull – drawing

plug in, tune out, get ready for the brainwash… its got something to do with personal rage at (self?)censorship and shutting out the world and having to listen to bullshit everyday. yep, poor lil pug’s getting an enema and that nasty girl’s listening to it. (bet you didnt notice that horrid little detail until you read this bit right? mwahahah.) wordplay on bull(dog)shit! hooray?

so i posted it on my flickr and promised i’d colour it in soon. even though i didnt quite fulfil the “soon” part of the promise too well, here is the final coloured piece!

Listen to the Bull

coloured it in illustrator this time.

(although it was an irritation that inspired this piece, i still enjoyed the process immensely.) it’s a little annoying to be able to produce (art that i like) when enraged.