Giornata nera per l’ariete

Giornata nera per l’ariete (Black day for the Ram)

Skilled graffiti artist AtomicK took me under his wing for a collaboration on the walls of The BlackBook and we produced this piece titled “Giornata nera per l’ariete” (italian for “Black day for the Ram”). It was my first collaboration and I was very nervous because he is crazy good while I only recently started painting.

AtomicK used Zenith aerosol cans while I simply painted using his brushes and acrylic paints.

The entire mural took 5 days to complete, mainly because I was horribly slow.

When we were finishing, he had this incredible idea to end the rope of the noose around the ram’s head in a loop which spelled out our signatures. It was also the night that I stayed painting till dawn. It drizzled a bit so I stopped painting and drew out the tyopgraphy for a visual reference. He sprayed it on using this special gold aerosol with silver flakes.

AtomicK was super nice and patient. When I screwed anything up and panicked, he remained calm and taught me how to fix my work. It was a fun and enriching experience! Thank you to the ZNC folks at The BlackBook for having me (HAIRY with his unique chuckles, ASNO for his crazy sick stories and BOB for his funny as shit antics). Most of all, a biggest thank you to my mentor, ATOMICK, for everything.