As Cunning by any other Name

As Cunning by any other Name

shakespeare said, “…that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

a most sweetfaced girl could have the most conniving disposition. appearances are made to deceive; girls pile on makeup while guys drown themselves in deodorant. we all go out parading lies to the world. what a dishonest society.

As Cunning by any other Name, wip

creating the face was a pleasure as usual, its my favourite part of the Process yet regrettably i always finish it too fast and too early! its like eating your favourite thing on the dinner plate and then forcing yourself to chomp the rest of the meal down with less eagerness. the rest of the work was just me trying to capture my imagination on “paper” and while it is fun nothing quite matches up to the inebriation of moulding and manifesting expression. im much fascinated with pouts but not so keen on eyebrows (most of my girls are poor creatures born with no brows).

also a note that matters nothing to nobody: i spent over an hour switching between red and blue for the rose colour… finally settled on blue because red is so overused, no? the rose used for visual reference was in fact from my (still current) lover, a gift from two years before. i honestly told him i thought buying me roses were a complete waste of money because i have no love for botany neither do i find the gift of a rose much useful, so he only bought me a humble stalk. how cute! though, fortunately, i had the sense to immortalize it in photos because it died within the week.