Sultan Gate

yesternight, DEM and i went to INK&CLOG studio for a paint jamming session. it was my virgin attempt at mural painting so i nervously attacked the wall with goache. at the end of the night i had unintentionally defaced CLOGTWO‘s wall with two malevolent faces.

“Tun Tun” from The Black Book

i also met TUNTUN, one of the resident miaomiaos at BLACKBOOK, the neighbouring studio.

Me VS Pim and Ploy
me vs “Pim and Ploy”

we played with TUNTUN for a little while, baiting her with laser beams and here, CLOGTWO is tickling its tummy.

and this is what happens when you are a retard like me and paint without taking off rings

thanks CLOGTWO for having me; LYSSA for the story of Pim and Ploy from the thai horror show Alone (2007), MELIA for having the idea to name my faces Pim and Ploy, DEM for inviting me to jam alongside with BONY and ATOMICK for the advice and encouragement!