The Failed Violinist

i dont mean violin, its a metaphor for music in general. always wished i could play some musical instrument! i had a toy keyboard once and i loved it and made several annoying noises with it all day but it disappeared while i was growing up, i dont know what happened to it, boooo.

and that thing hanging off her unsevered shoulder! is a balmain jacket! the hottest item this season. i looove the structured shape with those crazy shoulder pads. somewhere i read that balmain “redefined the silhouette”. sounds crazy like everything else associated with fashion! but damn that looks good. feel like committing robbery for the £2,716.87 to buy that. why o why doesn’t money fall from the sky?!?!??

in other more down-to-earth news, uhhh i suddenly am crazy inspired. have ideas for 2 more drawings! wow! welcome back muse! you’ve been fucking sorely missed, ok. also i have several prints lying around the house, i might just give em away instead of having them lie forgotten…somewhere in my room. does anyone want one? they’re all a4 and professionally printed and are glossy and shiny and pretty! you can have it for free but please pay for the postage, thanks :D