My Poor Sister

this piece is dedicated to my younger sister (bless her if she sees this) who is 5months pregnant and everyone just only recently found out about it, including herself. the symbolism is pretty obvious but for the oblivious i’ll try to explain…

the kite, whips about, thrown back and forth at the wind’s every whim and fancy.
its unabashed performance of liberation a shadow of her former self.
upon finding out she is carrying new life inside of her, she has to she deny herself of her favourite vices and shoulder the burden of expectancy.
she must cease her slaphappy ways now.
my poor sister.

i went pretty insane when i first found out, but now im rather ok with the fact that im going to be an aunty (despite this illustration’s portrayal… the blame is on the fact that i just cannot draw anything happy/sweet/gushy/lovely ever!). i wish mother and child all the best! ♥♥

people have been asking me what inspires me. i keep saying i simply draw things that i muse about/experience while going through the daily motions. this is one good example! inspired by my sister’s pregnancy. maybe in my other artworks this is not so obvious but they all are really depictions of my daily life experiences. and by that i meant more of short passing occurances than long periods of stages in life.