My Poor Sister, painted

the shoes she’s wearing is actually modeled after my very own shoes (yes they do have a shiny gold coloured heel!)

i had a lot of fun colouring the wine glass. although that object itself consisted of no less than 7 layers! *obsessive compulsive* yes, this is my biggest PSD ever. and as always i also enjoyed colouring the face (especially the folds of skin around the eyes) and the collarbone (im a big fan of razorblade collarbones). yup i also have a penchant for thick kissable scarlet lips!

ps. i want to thank the few special people who’ve always listened to me ramble on and on about art, and who’ve been encouraging me to colour in my work (goodness knows how impatient i am and these things take CRAZY LONG). yall know who you are, hugs.